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We hold an international symposium annually to disseminate the latest findings from the survey and better interpret the survey results through discussions with renowned researchers from Japan and abroad in hope that the outcomes of the symposiums help maintain and improve the health of Fukushima residents.

Upcoming Symposium

Further information will be announced when details become available

Past symposiums

5th: March 4, 2023

Thinking Together about Health, Life, and our Future in Fukushima

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4th: March 5, 2022

Science for Society: Advancing Fukushima's Well-Being

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3rd: February 13-14, 2021

10 years and beyond with the Fukushima Health Management Survey: What needs to be done to enhance the resilience of Fukushima’s people?

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2nd: February 2-3, 2020

Build Back Better, Together. Fukushima Health Management Survey updated, focusing on thyroid and mental health

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1st: January 14-15, 2019

Build Back Better: from the World to Fukushima, from Fukushima to the World

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